Our Services

Deposit Removal

We offer a complete program for removing deposits in cooling towers, boilers, and heat exchangers. Our full product line of treatments includes those for removal of scale and iron deposits. Our service team has all the equipment necessary to help get your system back to running more efficiently.

Disinfection of Piping & Equipment

Whether our customers require disinfection of piping in new construction, secondary disinfection of building water systems to help prevent water borne pathogens (such as legionella,) or disinfection of equipment containing water borne pathogens (such as legionella,) our team has the knowledge and equipment to help solve your issue.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Our dedicated team of service personnel is committed to help our customers keep their cooling towers clean to help with both efficiency and public health. Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) recommend cleaning of cooling towers twice a year as part of best practices. Let us help schedule your biannual tower cleaning today.

Corrosion & Scale Inhibition

We offer a complete line of products engineered specifically for each piece of equipment in your system. These products include scale and corrosion inhibitors for boilers, scale and corrosion inhibitors for cooling towers, corrosion inhibitors for chillers, corrosion inhibitors for closed loops, oxygen scavengers for boiler feed water, and corrosion inhibitors for condensate return systems. Let use help you design the proper treatment program for your specific equipment.

Lay-Up Treatment

When equipment is shut down for prolonged periods, corrosion is a major concern. Often times a good lay-up treatment program gets overlooked. At Eagle Engineering, we are dedicated to helping maximize our customers capital equipment longevity. This is why we offer a complete line of products that help achieve this goal. These products include treatments for both wet storage and dry storage.


Our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in the water treatment industry. This includes a former Technical Director to the Association of Water Technologies (AWT.) We are dedicated to finding solutions for customers with difficult water related issues. Let our team of experts tackle your issues and help put your mind at ease.