Cooling Towers

Water treatment in cooling towers systems is a very important part of the overall performance of the equipment.  As cooling towers reject the heat from a process, evaporation takes place.  As new water is added to the cooling tower system to replace what was lost through evaporation, new minerals from the make-up water are also added to this system.  If the system is not properly treated, the increase in mineral content of the cooling tower water will eventually lead to: scaling, corrosion, fouling, and microbial issues. Eagle Engineering provides fully customizable solutions designed for each cooling tower system’s specific needs. We have a large product line of corrosion and scale inhibitors, side-stream and in-line filtration systems, and microbicides to help minimize the down time and extend the life of our clients’ equipment.


Without proper water treatment in boiler systems, several severe issues can take place.  These issues include: oxygen pitting, scale formation, steam contamination from boiler water carry-over, and condensate corrosion to name a few.  Eagle Engineering utilizes a large product line of oxygen scavengers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, automated blow down controllers, and condensate return line corrosion inhibitors to help minimize downtime and extend the life of our clients’ equipment.  We also design pre-treatment systems to treat the make-up water, helping maximize energy savings with softeners and reverse osmosis equipment.


Eagle Engineering can handle all of your water and wastewater needs.  We offer a complete line of products that meet or exceed all regulatory compliance for influent and effluent clarification, bioaugmentation, foam & odor control.  Let use help you design a program that can help you cut costs, eliminate surcharges, and take the headache out of your wastewater program.

Closed Loops

Water treatment for closed loop systems is a critical part of the efficiency of the system equipment. Corrosion is the main concern in these systems, as closed systems do not evaporate water.  Most water treaters and equipment owners tend to overlook these systems because they are believed to be tight systems that do not lose water.  At Eagle Engineering, our experience is that this common misconception is not the case.  We always recommend make-up water meters on closed loops to help monitor water usage.  We also highly recommend corrosion monitoring equipment, and regularly monitoring the water through on-site water quality analysis.  We offer a large product line of corrosion inhibitors designed specifically for each application.

Reverse Osmosis

Our dedicated team at Eagle Engineering aims to serve our customers with the best equipment available on the market to help maximize energy savings and provide the high purity water needed in all processes. Whether the use of RO water for maximizing energy savings in boilers, or the need for high purity water in a process, our skilled team can assist you. We sell and services all brands of Reverse Osmosis equipment.

Legionella Control & Remediation

The health and safety of our clients, the people they serve, and our personnel is paramount at Eagle Engineering.  This is why our company is dedicated to helping our customers prevent Legionella issues in their water systems.  A water management plan takes into account all water systems including: cooling tower systems, building hot water tanks and heaters, large plumbing systems, ice machines, hot hubs, decorative fountains, and more.  A major part of Legionella control and remediation is accurate testing. Our team can help design a testing schedule as part of your water management plan to help identify the need for remediation and/or secondary disinfection equipment installation.  Our team is partnered with one of the foremost experts on the topic of Legionella and Legionella testing. Dr. Janet Stout, and her team at Special Pathogens Laboratory, perform our Legionella culture testing. Culture testing is still the gold standard and is believed to be the most accurate testing method.  Another major part of Legionella control is cooling tower cleaning.  We have an experienced team and the equipment to perform cooling tower cleaning.